Slab Systems

Cassaform’s range of slab formwork systems allow you to choose the best system for your next job. Our Slabform and Liteform systems are designed with “drop head” support points that permit quick dismantling and reuse of the panels without affecting the maturation time of the casting.


Super shore formwork

Cassaform Super-Shore Formwork

Cassaform Super-Shore Formwork is capable of supporting up to 70 KN per frame. The modular design means that it is extremely flexible and is perfect for supporting either commercial or domestic suspended slabs.

Pilosio Liteform Slab Formwork System

Pilosio Liteform Slab Formwork System

The Pilosio Liteform Formwork System is a security lightweight formwork for traditional and cast in site slabs, it has been designed with the purpose to increase safety on site, improve productivity and reduce slab implementation times.


Slabform Modular Formwork System For Slab Castings

Pilosio Slabform Formwork system is a modular system of formworks in aluminium for the execution of monolithic or lightened concrete slabs cast in place. SLABFORM is a fully industrialized formwork system that does not require specialized labor for assembly.