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Pilosio MP Multidirectional Scaffolding

Cassafrom’s MP Multidirectional Scaffolding

Cassaform’s MP multidirectional scaffolding system is a modern solution that reflects in an industrialized way all the flexibility of tube and joint scaffolding.

The special washer welded to the vertical uprights has 4 ways for the orthogonal fastening of stringers and diagonals and other 4-ways slotted that allow the fastening with changeable angle to cover almost 360°.

In addition to its extreme flexibility, the type of hooking with a wedge and washer is very fast and shortens considerably the assembly and disassembly operations.

The Pilosio MP multidirectional scaffolding is the system with most flexibility and highest possibilities of use even in complex situations thanks to the characteristics of quick assembly, great modularity, extreme adaptability and high load capacity.