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Pilosio Slabprops

Cassaform’s Slabprops

Cassaform offers a full range of aluminum props to satisfy your needs. Slabprops are ideal to useĀ for the casting of slabs.

Aluminum props are used to decrease fatigue of the workers erecting the reshore props. Thanks to the safety characteristics of use, sturdiness and high load capacity, the props are suitable for all the formworks systems for slabs and for all fixed heads and drop heads related to every system.

Depending on the required capacities, the aluminum props change from a minimum capacity of 41.65 kN to a maximum capacity of 74.48 kN.

For your safety, the slabprops range is equipped with hand shearing protection and pipe slipping prevention. They are easy to use and feasible in height. The limited weight of the props means that they can easily be handled by using a single operator. Pilosio aluminiumn props have been specifically desiged to provide you with a versitile prop that is both strong and light weight.

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Cassaform is a leading provider of construction props for construction projects and building sites. Our wide range of propping solutions includes Acrow Props, Superprops, Pilosio Aluminum Props, Peri Props hire right up to our 100 tonne Super100 Props, which in most cases, will ensure that Cassaform can provide you with a propping solution to suit your specific requirements. So if your project requires construction props, then please send us an email and a Cassaform Propping Consultant will contact you to discuss your project.