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Cassaform Acrow Props

Cassaform’s Acrow Props are now available to buy and hire in Melbourne. They are well known and accepted in the construction industry and have been used for many years, on many building sites, in many different applications. It provides a simple, quick and easy method of providing temporary support where it is needed.

The Cassaform Range of Props

Cassaform No.4 Prop

  • Cassaform No.4 Prop – are fully adjustable and have a SWL of 20kn at 3100mm through to 7kn at 4900mm.

Cassaform No.3 Prop

  • Cassaform No.3 Prop – are fully adjustable and have a SWL of 35kn at 2170mm through to 7kn at 3975mm.

Cassaform No.2 Prop

  • Cassaform No.2 Prop – are fully adjustable and have a SWL of 39kn at 1900mm through to 11kn at 3400mm.

Cassaform No.1 Prop

  • Cassaform No.1 Prop – are fully adjustable and have a SWL of 34kn at 1600mm through to 12kn at 2800mm.

Cassaform No.0 Prop

  • Cassaform No.0 Prop – are fully adjustable and have a SWL of 42kn at 1050mm through to 22kn at 1830mm.

Note:- specifications may vary slightly from time to time from those noted above.


Acrow Props are used to support the concrete slab above while the concrete is curing. To increase the load carring capacity, the acrow props are doubled up at each support point. This way when the slab is cured sufficently, an acrow prop from each support point can be removed. Once fully cured the remaining acrow props can be removed. They are a fast and efficient propping solution. They come in 5 differtent sizes so you can find the right Acrow Prop for your project.

  • They are the simplest, quickest, most reliable and economic method of temporary support.
  • They are available in 5 different sizes covering a range from 1050 mm up to 4900 mm
  • You also have the option to Rent, Hire or Buy, whatever is the most cost effective method for your project.
  • Fully adjustable.
  • Special Rental Rates For Large Orders or Long Hire Periods.



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Cassaform is a leading provider of construction props for construction projects and building sites. Our wide range of propping solutions includes Acrow Props, Superprops, Pilosio Aluminum Props, Peri Props hire right up to our 100 tonne Super100 Props, which in most cases, will ensure that Cassaform can provide you with a propping solution to suit your specific requirements. So if your project requires construction props, then please send us an email and a Cassaform Propping Consultant will contact you to discuss your project.