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Cassaform P300 Modular Formwork Systems for Wall Formwork and Column Formwork

Aug 31

Advantages Of Modular Formwork Systems Over Conventional Formwork Methods

Cassaform P300 modular formwork system

Modular Formwork Systems vs Conventional Formwork For insitu concrete, a modular formwork system provides Commercial, Civil and Industrial contractors with significant savings when compared with conventional methods. Modular Formwork Systems are generally easy to assemble and much faster than conventional Formwork, saving time, allowing you to pour sooner. In addition, with theĀ option to hire, Modular …

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Jul 27

P300 Column Formwork Melton

Cassaforms P300 Modular Column Formwork

Cassaform P300 Column Formwork Project of the Week: Cassaform has supplied this week the Column Formwork for the Year 9 Cadel Centre in Melton. The product was put to the challenge which was asked, can you form 1 column in less then 2 hours without using Z-Tie holes through mass concrete? The answer was yes! …

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