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Nov 14

Why Wouldn’t You Use Modular Slab Formwork Systems?

Conventional Formwork/Falsework

Modular slab formwork has been around for decades however surprisingly it is not in frequent use within smaller tier 2 and tier 3 concrete formwork contractors within Victoria. This brief article will highlight the benefits of using modular slab formwork as opposed to traditional methods for suspended slab formwork. Modular Slab Formwork Modular slab formwork …

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Sep 08

Good Back Propping Design By Temporary Works Engineers.

An Example Of A Back Propping Design By Temporary Works Engineers

Temporary Works Engineers will design the best way of back propping a newly poured concrete slab. Back propping is used to support a suspended slab while the formwork is being stripped. The back propping then remains in place until the slab gains enough strength to support itself. It is a vitally important part of the safe …

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Sep 02

Introducing Our Cassaform Propping Range

Ivanhoe Design, Hire and Install using Cassaform's Propping Range

Cassaform Propping Range Our Propping Range provides a simple, quick and easy method of providing temporary support where it is needed. You can choose from one of Australia’s most complete propping ranges. With capacities all the way up to 100 tonnes, our high quality equipment and components a wide range of propping applications. Our aim …

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Aug 31

Advantages Of Modular Formwork Systems Over Conventional Formwork Methods

Cassaform P300 modular formwork system

Modular Formwork Systems vs Conventional Formwork For insitu concrete, a modular formwork system provides Commercial, Civil and Industrial contractors with significant savings when compared with conventional methods. Modular Formwork Systems are generally easy to assemble and much faster than conventional Formwork, saving time, allowing you to pour sooner. In addition, with the option to hire, Modular …

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