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Cassaform is a trusted Australian supplier of formwork, shoring and propping equipment. We are committed to providing our clients the very best innovative and cost-effective construction solutions. We provide both hire and sales solutions to major residential, commercial, civil and industrial customers.

You can rely on Cassaform’s commitment to safety and outstanding service to provide you with the very best tailored solutions. You can expect prompt, competitive, custom solutions provided by our in house engineering expertise.

Our equipment is designed and manufactured in compliance with the highest safety standards and can be easily integrated in any type of worksite, Our universal modular systems can be easily adapted to many different site requirements and provide the best compromise between productivity and cost savings.

One Stop Shop For Formwork, Propping and Shoring Equipment

Cassaform is a one-stop shop. Providing you with a comprehensive range of products and services. Slab systems, wall systems, column systems, construction props, shoring as well as a large range of consumables. Focused on customer service, quality and innovation we aim to provide you with the very best service, becoming a trusted business partner.


Propping is widely used in the Construction Industry to temporarily support, or prevent loads from shifting or falling. Available generally in steel or aluminium, props are a viable and very cost effective temporary support solution to solve many on-site issues.

Typical situations and locations where propping is used include

  • Support of floors by transferring or distributing the load from one level to a lower level or levels.
  • Load/floor underpinning.
  • Structural bracing / support
  • Formwork/falsework
  • Raking shores.
  • Temporary support for damaged floors or failing structures.
  • Slab reinforcement / support


Formwork is the term given to temporary molds into which concrete or similar materials are poured while it is setting. Once the concrete has set the formwork is generally stripped leaving behind the shaped concrete.

Formwork is typically constructed from an arrangement of timber bearers and joists with formply lining or is can also be constructed from steel or aluminum modular systems lined with either plastic or formply lining which are assembled to the desired shape required in the finished concrete product.

Formwork is generally assembled to mold concrete into either vertical or horizontal elements.

Typical vertical elements where formwork is used include

  • Retaining walls in the Civil Industry
  • Water Treatment Tanks and Pits
  • Shear walls or Lift/Stair Core walls within Multi-level building walls
  • Capping beams

Typical horizontal elements where formwork is used include

  • Suspended slabs in multi-level residential or commercial buildings
  • Concrete lids to large pits
  • Protection decking systems used in demolition


Shoring is a word used in the construction industry to describe the act of temporarily propping or supporting a load. It generally involves bearing weight or strengthening of a structural element which is either weak during the construction or assembly phase or is subsequently and temporarily weakened during demolition phase.

Shoring can be placed either in a horizontal, vertical or raking position and can also include the use of timber or metal beams that are propped against a structure to provide temporary support as per this diagram.

So on behalf of the Cassaform Team, we look forward to working closely with you.

Cassaform Formwork, Propping and Shoring Managing Director

Joe Caprara



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